Civil Engineering

The construction and infrastructural development projects including town planning are on the rise and will demand more domain specialists in the coming days.

As the mankind gears up for comfortable and safer living, smart cities, green & sustainable infrastructure, expressways, metro rail projects, sea links and sky bridges, the demand for Civil Engineers is bound to increase.

There has always been a wide scope and sea of opportunities for CSE professionals. Much of this excitement is due to the dramatic pace at which the IT industry is growing. Major IT companies such as TCS, CTS, IBM, Infosys, and Wipro are always on a talent hunting spree. The exponential growth of computational needs of modern business at global level has created immense requirements for CSE professionals. 

At present, every sixth person in world is employed in CSE industry in one way or the other. Advanced technologies like ‘cloud computing’ will create more lucrative opportunities both in India and abroad.

Mechanical Engineers can solve today’s problems and develop future solutions in diverse domains such as automotive, aerospace, industrial products, technical wings of defense forces, space research organisations etc. and find innumerable employment opportunities in these sectors. As industry embarks on new technological developments, the field of Mechanical Engineering has widened tremendously to include Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Computer Aided Design and Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering besides conventional core areas.