Software Applications for PCTE Faculty

PCTE (Punjab college of technical education is the best engineering college in Punjab that provides the courses like computer science, mechanical, civil, and electrical/electronic). PCTE has set benchmarks related to engineering education because it has proficient and technically sound faculty to direct or guide the students to achieve their career goals.

Educational technologies for teachers

During the period of the pandemic, technology plays a significant role to maintain the continuity of educational institutes. It was a very challenging task for the PCTE to maintain business continuity during the period of a pandemic but technology helps a lot to provide facilities related to virtual learning. There are different IT trends that are used by PCTE CSE faculty such as Google Classroom and Google docs etc. to provide the facilities related to virtual learning. This type of learning is very interactive and cost-effective for the number of students who want to achieve good grades in their academics. PCTE Group of institutes always encourage the use of information and communication technology for teachers that help to improve the productivity of teachers and quality of education provided to the number #PCTEians. The computer science society is responsible for professional skills and personal skill development among the volunteers who are eager to work under CSE/IT. There are different tools and techniques that can be used by teachers to facilitate the learning between the #PCTEians. Following are the different virtual learning-based applications that can be used by teachers and these tools or applications provide free of cost facilities to the teachers:

# Seesaw
#Google Docs
# FlipGrid
#QRCode Monkey

Social media and experiential learning at PCTE:

PCTE proliferates experiential learning that is based on engineering education and a flexible academic model. The teacher of PCTE uses the educational technology that helps to facilitate experiential learning among the different students of PCTE. PCTE is a brand and teachers of this college are responsible to set benchmarks in terms of quality of education. There are different social media applications that can be used by the teachers to disseminate the information related to events, courses, and educational facilities provided by the PCTE such as Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. However, brand equity includes better values, increased brand awareness, and improved quality of service.

Digital marketing is an effective initiative to retain the students from different segments that will help to increase the interest of students in this college. There are a variety of advantages of using digital marketing techniques such as 90% reduction in the manual effort required for advertising the educational facilities provided by this college, 60% reduction in human error, 60% improvement in student retention power of company, ease of access, 50% increase in the brand awareness, and 40% reduction in the travel time of customer for resolving any query regarding educational facilities of this institute. Digital marketing strategies include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing using social media like Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, etc, Search Engine Optimization at google search engine, Viral Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing on the official website of PCTE (Google AdWords) Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing for PCTE, etc. The success of an institutional organization is dependent on several factors like student retention power, student awareness, digital strategies implemented by a college, and the quality of service provided by this institute. To ensure the long-time success these kinds of data-driven strategies can be implemented in an organization. In the case of PCTE, these data-driven strategies are student-oriented and trustworthy relationships between the students and the officials can be built up by the use of these strategies. Despite using technology for a corporate purpose, this technology is also helpful to disseminate awareness among the number of students.

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