What is Social Media?

Internet is everywhere and it is something that everyone knows about in this era of technology. Existence of technology such as computers and internet has changed human life significantly. Problem solving, communication, Education, Entertainment, Medical and so many traditional approaches are now being replaced with use of computer and internet in almost every field nowadays. People are not following the traditional methods and approaches because they were difficult time taking and also boring in comparison to the way which is being used widely by almost everyone. For example traditional file system is now being replaced with digital file systems, Children nowadays are playing video games, communication over internet technologies like email, Facebook etc.

One of the most common and wide use of internet is social media. Social media can be defined as “the technology that provides facilities of sharing ideas, information, thoughts digitally on any specific community in the form of multimedia files using internet.”  In simple words we can say that social media is an internet enabled virtual platform that is used for communication purpose. Social media is connecting the world through different social media application. The trending social media applications and social media sites which are ruling over internet are Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, LinkedIn etc. As internet enables sharing multimedia form one device to another, over time numbers of social media applications are developed which facilitates sharing of multimedia files like text, images, videos and sound. These social media applications are computer software which are designed to implement idea of social media and can run and operated on computer device like mobile phone, laptops etc.

Types of social media 

Social Networking Sites

Is a platform that connects on people to another around the world. Facebook is perfect example form social networking sites(Barnhart, 2021).

Image sharing and messaging sites

These are specially designed social media platform that is built taking into mind the dominating use of visual contents over simple text. They give more features and functionality to share more of visual contents. Snapchat is an example of these sites.

Video sharing sites

The video share sites enable one to share videos and watch shard videos. These site makes it easy to create content and also for the target audience can get more of it by watching and listening rather than reading and scrolling images.

Social Blogging

Blogging is to write content and share it on various blogging platforms on world wide web so that when someone makes a search it may reach them throughout the world if it matches the solution to the search made. There can be any social media app with features and power of multiple types of above mentioned social media, that means one platform that allows both image sharing and video sharing, there can be blogging sites which allows user to share more of visual contents along with textual descriptions. According to world population survey the total population of world is7.8 billion among which there are 3.725 billion active social media users and on and average these users are spending about 142 minute on social media every day.


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