why PCTE?

PCTE has a lot to offer to every student that becomes a part of this close-
knit family. A lot of work and efforts are put into creating equal
opportunities for all students and to create an inclusive environment for students from any walk of life.

PCTE has a total of 2 campuses and 3 living accommodation buildings closely situated. While campus 1 holds classes for senior or last year students for management and commerce courses, campus 2 holds classes for first- and second-year students mostly. Both are well-equipped with regards to infrastructure, canteens, and cafés for you to chill in, so you never miss out on the fun.

The best part about the college is the amount of greenery that surrounds
you, as wherever you go, you will witness the lush green plants and well-
maintained grounds that create a dreamy movie like setting on some days.

There is a fun activity for every student, irrespective of their subject, as there is a dedicated gym for all the fitness enthusiasts out there, a mass
media studio for everyone who wishes to test their practical skills, and incubators on campus under the Entrepreneurship cell, whose sole focus is to help in facilitating and developing budding entrepreneurs and their business ideas.
 The annual cultural fest “KOSHISH” is the highlight of the college and is one of the most awaited events of the year by both student and staff. The event functions as an interclass competition among all students, regardless of age
or specialization. The team with the most points at the end of it is awarded the prestigious overall trophy.
PCTE provides various scholarships and recessions in the fees based on your merit and other parameters that you may fulfill in the best possible
manner. Reach out to one of our academic consultants for more information.

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PCTE offers a range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. You will be able to engage in whatever intrigues you. We have everything from gyming, soccer, basketball, cricket, literary clubs, music, art and dance verticals, entrepreneur clubs supported by an Incubator on campus, cooking, baking, fashion styling, journalism studios, equipment, channels to support you, and registered export houses to travel agencies, etc to get your hands dirty. .. and a lot more.

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